10DLC Campaign Rejection and Resolution Guide

Resolving 10DLC Campaign Rejections

The 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) system is crucial for maintaining compliance with wireless carrier guidelines. However, many campaigns face rejection due to discrepancies or non-compliance with these guidelines. This guide will help you understand common rejection reasons and provide steps to resolve them, ensuring your campaigns are successfully approved. Please note, there is a fee for each vetting event, so ensure all issues are fully resolved before resubmitting.

Reasons for Campaign Rejection and Resolution Steps

Campaign Content and Attribute Issues

Campaign Attributes Mismatch (Error 601)
  • Issue: Campaign attributes do not match the website or sample message content.
  • Action: Recreate the campaign with accurate attributes.
  • Example: If “no” is selected for embedded links but sample content includes links, resubmit with “yes” for embedded links.
Inaccurate Registration: Use-Case Inconsistency (Error 602)
  • Issue: Sample messages do not align with the selected use-case.
  • Action: Ensure use-case matches the sample messages.
  • Example: Selecting “charity” but sending appointment reminders will result in rejection. Align messages or update the use-case.
Inconsistent Information (Error 603)
  • Issue: Discrepancy between website, brand name, and sample messages.
  • Action: Ensure consistency across all elements.
  • Example: Brand “ABC Physicians” must align with healthcare-related content, not unrelated businesses.

Prohibited Content

Cannabis (Error 701)

Do not resubmit. Content related to cannabis/hemp/CBD is not allowed.

Guns/Ammo (Error 702)

Resubmit only with proper age gating.

Explicit Sexual Content (Error 703)

Do not resubmit.

Gambling (Error 704)

Do not resubmit.

Hate Speech (Error 705)

Do not resubmit.

Alcohol (Error 706)

Resubmit only with proper age gating.

Tobacco/Vape (Error 707)

Resubmit only with proper age gating.

Lead Generation or Affiliate Marketing (Errors 708-709)

Do not resubmit.

Registration and Compliance Issues

Registration and KYC Compliance (Error 710)
  • Issue: Reseller/non-compliant KYC.
  • Action: Register the brand, not the agency or software provider.
  • Example: Use the actual sender’s EIN and company info.
EIN Duplication (Error 711)
  • Issue: Multiple brands registered under the same EIN.
  • Action: Register only one brand per EIN.
Misleading Registration (Error 712)
  • Issue: Campaign appears to be a lending arrangement without the proper attribute.
  • Action: Select “direct lending or loan agreement” under campaign attributes.

Email and Opt-In Requirements

Email Domain Issues (Error 713)
  • Issue: Large companies using unofficial email domains.
  • Action: Use official company email domains.
Invalid Opt-In (Error 714)
  • Issue: Opt-in via court order.
  • Action: Obtain opt-in through another method if possible.

Sole Proprietor Campaigns

Sole Proprietor Restrictions (Errors 801-802)
  • Issue: Non-compliance with Sole Proprietor criteria.
  • Action: Use another campaign type.

*Note* Sole Proprietor is not currently supported. 

Website and Privacy Policies

Opt-In Language Requirements (Error 803)
  • Issue: Missing opt-in language on the website.
  • Action: Add opt-in language before resubmitting.
Website and CTA Verification (Errors 804-807)
  • Issue: Incomplete or inaccurate call-to-action (CTA) information.
  • Action: Provide a working website and clear opt-in description.
Privacy Policy Compliance (Error 805)
  • Issue: Non-compliant or missing privacy policy.
  • Action: Add or update a compliant privacy policy.

Frequent Rejections

Frequent Rejections (Error 808)
  • Issue: Campaign rejected 5+ times.
  • Action: Address the issues thoroughly before resubmitting.

For further details, please refer to our 10DLC registration best practices article.