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Accent helps you increase productivity by combining your favorite web apps and business communications in one place.  Send email, message your teams, manage cloud files, update your CRM, and so much more with the Accent app.

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Built to Deliver, Committed to Your Success.

Don't let your business become just another "billing account", partner with a team that cares about your success.

Accent has the skills and capabilities to deliver the services your business needs with an absolute commitment to customer service and success. 

Cloud calling from your favorite devices

Use Accent's apps to make your business calls from your PC, Mac, or favorite mobile device.  With a completely integrated cloud business phone system you'll stay connected and productive anywhere the day may take you.

Why Startups Love Accent

Your startup cloud phone system shouldn’t sacrifice features for flexibility, ours certainly doesn’t.

Award Winning Product

Recognized by industry experts and publications, Accent’s cloud communication suite is a leader in the market.

Works Like You Work

You’re rarely in the office, that’s why Accent’s apps go with you wherever work and life happens.  

Fast Deployments

Sign-up online and have your complete business phone system setup and ready to go by the next business day or sooner.

Grows with Your Business

As your business grows, Accent’s services can grow with you to meet your changing business needs.

Anywhere Communications

Available on both desktop and mobile Accent’s apps go anywhere you need and bring your business communications along.  Manage all your business calls, voicemail, chats, and more using our desktop and mobile apps.  Whether you’re in the office, at a coffee shop, or catching a flight the Accent keeps you connected to business.

"Accent has technical advantages over their competition and they are always concerned with CUSTOMER SATISFACTION."

Connect Your Way

There are a variety of ways to connect to Accent's cloud service and the choice is all yours.  Utilize our unified communication apps, bring your own device, or choose from our variety of VoIP desk phones. Regardless, Accent's cloud communication suite allows you to customize your unique experience for all your business needs.

On your computer, phone, or tablet

Via a VoIP desk phone

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