Phone. Video. Message.

All together in one app.

The Accent desktop app provides everything you need for business and team communication all in one place.  Place and receive phone calls, message with teams, and start a video meeting with anyone – all in one place.

Accent’s app is your all-in-one business communication hub.  Stay connected with your teams via chat, host video meetings, create team and topic based channels, phone calls, file sharing, and more.  All from the device of your choosing and fully integrated with Accent’s cloud phone system.

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One app for all your business communications.

Team Messaging & Collaboration
Communicate with your teams and co-workers in real-time
  • Chat one-on-one and with teams via channels.
  • Share your screen, files, documents, and critical data.
  • Sync your chats and channels across all your devices.
  • View the presence of your teammates and co-workers in real-time.
Everything in One Place
All your team and business communications in one app.
  • Phone: ​Complete cloud phone system integration.
  • ​Video: Hold video meetings and conferences on any device.
  • Message: Chat, share files, create team and topic based channels.
Integrated Phone, Video, and Messaging
With Accent you get a complete business communication platform.
  • Place and receive business phone calls directly from the app.
  • Start a video meeting with anyone.
  • Work from anywhere and stay connected via your PC, Mac, or smartphone.
  • Switch between your desk phone or app as your schedule requires.

"I just wanted to mention how pleased we are with the phone system. I've been using the virtual phone with a headset and it's been great."

Teams collaborate with chat & channels

Channels allow teams to collaborate and share ideas from anywhere and can be created on any criteria required: teams, regions, subjects, project, topic, and more. Team members can join public channels to move in and out of conversations as needed.

modern cloud communication
modern cloud communication

Start a video meeting in seconds

Take that team chat to a video meeting in seconds with Accent’s integrated video meetings.  Invite anybody, both internal and external, to a video meeting and elevate your business communications to make an impact.   

Cloud calling from your favorite devices

Use Accent’s apps to make your business calls from your PC, Mac, or favorite mobile device.  With a completely integrated cloud business phone system you’ll stay connected and productive anywhere the day may take you.

All-in-One Business & Team Communication 

Team messaging and collaboration, video meetings, and cloud phone features to keep your business and teams communicating from your favorite devices.

Works on All Your Devices

Supported on all your favorite devices. Accent’s apps run on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even within a web browser.

Team Messaging

Chat with co-workers and teammates one-to-one or within a group.  Start a channel for a team project or a specific subject.

Video Meetings

Host a video meeting with your teams or anyone else via integrated video conferencing and meeting capabilities.

Integrated Phone System

Our apps integrate with your cloud phone system to deliver a complete unified communication experience.

Accelerate Business Productivity

Take your business productivity to the next level with cloud-based communication and messaging tools.

Complete Installation & Training

Complete setup, programming, and training for your teams so they can get the most out of Accent’s services.

Quick and Easy Setup

Sign-up online and get setup by the next business day or sooner with the help of our expert consultants.

Configured to Your Business

Have your cloud communication services configured to your specific business needs by our expert team.

Complete Support

Get help when you need it from Accent’s expert staff of U.S. based support professionals. 

Your favorite apps, integrated.

  • Integrate popular third-party applications to deliver real-time inteligence into Accent’s apps.
  • Deliver messages and information from third-party apps and services directly into team channels.

So Many Ways to Connect

There are a variety of ways to connect to Accent's cloud service and the choice is all yours.  Utilize our unified communication apps, bring your own device, or choose from our variety of VoIP desk phones. Regardless, Accent's cloud communication suite allows you to customize your unique experience for all your business needs.

Use Our Phone, Messaging & Video Apps

Download our desktop and mobile apps to use for your business communication needs and bring your own phones and devices if you have them.

Utilize Accent's VoIP Desk Phones

Choose from a great selection of VoIP desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones.  A device designed for all your business communication needs.

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