Accent releases purpose built app for exceptional cloud phone calls via mobile devices and delivering on the promise of a voice-first mobile app calling experience.   

Accent has released the Accent Cloud Phone app, a voice-first mobile calling app for iOS and Android devices.  The Accent Cloud Phone app provides Accent’s users with a purpose-built application designed to mirror the business desk phone experience on a mobile device while providing the desk phone features and reliability users need to get work done.

Desk Phone Experience via a Mobile App

“Accent’s focus is to deliver a great user experience for our customers, many of whom still rely heavily on the traditional desk phone,” said Chris Cameron, CEO of Accent. “The Accent Cloud Phone app provides users with a desk phone experience from anywhere via their smartphone. This efficient and streamlined app makes it easier than ever before to conduct business calls via a mobile device.”

Accent Cloud Phone delivers on the promise of mobile cloud calling from anywhere while maintaining many critical desk phone features. Place and receive business calls, park and retrieve calls with one touch, transfer, conference, hold, record and more. All the features which users rely upon daily to get work done are included with the Accent Cloud Phone app.

Accent Cloud Phone doesn’t stop at just calling features, it also includes the user’s full company directory along with the device’s personal phonebook and optional Office 365 integration.  User phone presence, contact favorites, and quick video meetings access are also included wtihin the app. 

Raising the Bar on Ease-of-Use

“Our goal is to deliver an exceptional user experience across all devices, the Accent Cloud Phone app raises the bar for ease-of-use and telephony features,” said Jason Gaddis, VP Product and Engineering at Accent. “We believe our users will greatly benefit from this new app.”

With the Accent Cloud Phone app, all your speed dials, line appearances, favorites, and customized programmable keys from your desk phone show up ready to go within the app.  Need to pickup a parked call? Simply grab it with one-touch from your Favorites list.  Want to record a call to ensure you don’t miss any important details? Press the “Record” key and realx.  The Accent Cloud Phone app is your desk phone on your smartphone. 

Providing Users with More Choice than Ever Before

Accent Cloud Phone is available to all of Accent’s cloud phone system and cloud communication users and works seamlessly with Accent’s existing unified communication and video meetings apps. Users may download the app via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store directly from their respective devices.

“With Accent’s full suite of communication apps, there’s something here for every user” stated Steve Hearst, VP Sales, Accent. “Our customers can choose from a full unified communication app, utilize our video meetings from anywhere, and now benefit from a focused voice-first cloud phone app.”

For more information about Accent’s business communication services and solutions please contact our sales team via email at or via phone at (800) 589-7379.  You can also follow us on social media on LinkedIn, on Twitter @AccentVoice, and visit our YouTube channel.