Version 1.4 update of the Accent desktop application introduces new features, improves user experience, and simplifies app usage.

Accent will release version 1.4 of the Accent Desktop app to all new and existing users on Saturday January 22, 2022.  Version 1.4 delivers new features and enhancements designed to improve the cloud communication user’s experience and simplify app usage.  The highlights of app version 1.4 include:

Simplified App Login

Logging in to the Accent desktop app has never been easier.  We’ve removed the requirement to designate your cloud server address and now simply require your username and password.  All your user information is now populated directly from Accent’s cloud systems once you log in.

If you need assistance with your user credentials and accessing the app you can always contact Accent’s technical support team for assistance.

Expanded Navigation Toolbar

The top navigation toolbar has been expanded in version 1.4 to include several new items.  The toolbar now includes:

      • An app logout button with the user’s name displayed.
      • The user’s DID (if applicable).
      • Navigation buttons to toggle between the different pages/functions of the app. These include Communications, Meetings, Calendar, and Files.
      • A menu button to access the app’s menu.
      • The current system time.

Dedicated Pages for Meetings, Calendar, and Files

App version 1.4 introduces dedicated pages for the integrated Meetings, Calendar, and Files features.  While these features were available via side panels and docked frames in previous versions, the new design provides the ability to deliver more features and information on each page, enhancing the user’s experience.

Dedicated navigation buttons for Communications, Meetings, Calendar, and Files are persistent across the navigation bar at the top of the application.  These buttons provide quick and easy access to navigate between the different pages and access each respective function quickly.

Schedule a Meeting via Your Personal Calendar

We’ve expanded the personal calendar integration features to include the ability to schedule an Accent Meeting via your Google or Microsoft calendar directly from the app.  The Meetings page now contains a button which includes options to schedule a meeting via either your Google or Microsoft calendar.  Clicking that button will launch the appropriate calendar via your default web browser with pre-filled meeting details specific to your Accent Meetings account.  Attendees and custom invitation information can then be added to the meeting invite and sent to your meeting attendees.

New Team Chat and Channel Features


Quick meeting invites have been added to the right-click menu from within team and direct chats.  Simply right-clicking within the chat input box will provide the user with options to quickly insert a personal or channel meeting invite directly into the chat.

Once a meeting option is selected the invite is delivered directly into the chat stream.  The meeting can be directly joined by any user within the chat by clicking meeting link within the message.


In addition to quick meeting invites, quick chat responses have been added to the right-click menu from within direct and channel chats.  These quick responses consist of common quick replies that eliminate the need to type out a response and allow the user to multi-task with multiple chats or tasks. 

The reply list includes:

      • OK
      • Thanks
      • Got it
      • Great job!
      • I’ll call you right back.
      • Sorry, I can’t talk right now.
      • Can you join a meeting?

Additional Features & Improvements

  • User information now delivered from central sign-in service upon login.
  • User DID (if applicable) is displayed via the top navigation toolbar.
  • Calendar meetings which occur via third-party meeting services will display the appropriate service icon and enable one-click meeting access.
  • Re-named the My Meetings and My Files toolbar buttons to Meetings and Files respectively.
  • Added option to enable the meeting lobby upon the start of a meeting for additional privacy.
  • Added user profile image from UC desktop/mobile client.
  • Meeting history and favorites are sync’d to the cloud user database for use across multiple clients.
  • Simplified meetings toolbar options for easier use.
  • Login to the communications client from a different location will only log the user out of the communication portion of the application, allowing continued access to the other app features.
  • App logout button added to the top navigation toolbar.
  • Added the current system time to the top navigation toolbar.
  • Added message notification icons to the app toolbar icon indicating the number of unread messages/notifications.
  • Improved visual functions and responsive design elements.
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes. 

The Accent Desktop app for Windows and MacOS can be downloaded here.

User guides detailing complete usage of the app including the newest features can be found here. Technical support for Accent’s cloud services is available via contacting our support team.

For more information about Accent’s business communication services and solutions please contact our sales team via email at or via phone at (800) 589-7379.  You can also follow us on social media on LinkedIn, on Twitter @AccentVoice, and visit our YouTube channel.