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VoiceONE Connect provides teams with the communication and collaboration tools needed to succeed.  Team voice calling, team collaboration, file sharing, video, and more on any device of your choosing.  Use Connect with the VoiceONE Cloud Phone System for a complete unified communications experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between Connect and Cloud Phone System?

Connect is a team communication and messaging application which works on any device and does not require Accent's cloud phone system to utilize its team communication features.  Cloud phone system is a complete business phone system in the cloud providing in/out calling and business telephony feautres.  The Connect app is included with every cloud phone system user.

Does Connect provide calling to external numbers?

When Connect is used as a standalone team communication app it does not provide inbound or outbound calling to external numbers.  When Connect is integrated with Accent's cloud phone system it provides a complete business phone system including inbound and outbound calling.

Can I upgrade to a full cloud phone system?

Yes! You can upgrade the standalone Connect app to cloud phone system at any time.  Simply contact our sales team and speak to a representative to get upgraded. 

Where does Connect work?

Connect works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices via the respective native app.  Any device which has access to a compatible web browser can run the Connect web app which provides all the features of the native apps as well.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

We recommend a broadband high-speed internet connection.  These options include but aren't limited to cable coax, fiber, ethernet over copper, dedicated fixed wireless, MPLS. 

What kind of payment options do you offer?

We offer month-to-month and annual payment options for the standalone Connect service.

Is Connect included with the Cloud Phone System option?

Yes! The Connect app is included with every cloud phone system user.  You can get started using the Connect app as a standalone team communication service and upgrade to cloud phone system at any time.

Can I keep my current phone system?

If you are using the Connect app as a standalone team communication app then you can absolutely keep your current phone system. 

Does Connect support Video Meetings?

Connect provides team audio conferencing and one-to-one video calls with screen sharing.  To host full online meetings including voice and video with external participants we recommend our Video Meetings service.

What is "Team Voice & Video Calling"?

Team Voice & Video Calling provides users the ability to communicate with teammates who are also using Connect via private and secure communication.  Connect provides teams with a full team communication suite including voice calling, video, chat, collaboration, file sharing, and more.  This communication takes place via Accent's provide cloud service within the Connect app.

I'm not techy, is online ordering easy?

Yes, our online order process is designed for the non-techy community.  Simply place your online order and our expert support team will have your cloud services setup and ready to go by the next business day.  We'll setup a consultation call with you to walk you through all the available setup options and ensure you're satisfied. 

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