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VoiceONE Meetings allows user’s to host great online video meetings and conferences with a single click.  Join with colleagues and customers via VoiceONE Meetings to colalborate and meet virtually from any device.  Bundle Meetings with the VoiceONE Cloud Phone System for a complete communication package or purchase it separately as a standalone service.

*Pricing displayed is based on a 12-month service term and does not include applicable regulatory fees and taxes.  Services are billed annually at a rate of $119.88/user per year.

VoiceONE Meetings FAQ’s

How many participants can I host on VoiceONE Meetings?

Currently VoiceONE Meetings supports 30 participants per meeting. 

What kind of internet connection do I need for VoiceONE Meetings?

VoiceONE Meetings will adjust video quality based on your internet speed and estimated processing available on your computer/smartphone. An average HD video session can require between 2-3Mbps bandwidth upload and download respectively.

You can choose the video quality transmitted to your computer by clicking “Manage Video Quality” under the Settings menu.

Can I use my PC speakers and microphone?

Yes, you can use the integrated audio capabilities of your PC/Mac/smartphone with VoiceONE Meetings.  There is no requirement to dial-in via the PSTN.

Accent always recommends a headset or conference quality speakerphone when using the integrated device audio for meetings. 

What software do I need for VoiceONE Meetings?

On Windows & Mac:

  • VoiceONE Meetings will run within your web browser.
  • Supported browsers include Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.
  • Desktop apps for Windows and Mac are available.

On mobile devices:

  • VoiceONE Meetings apps for iOS and Android devices are available via the respective app store.

Are dial-in numbers available?

Yes, dial-in numbers are available for every meeting.  Each meeting will have an associated meeting ID used to access the meeting via PSTN dial-in.  Users may also create a secure PIN for each meeting to provide additional meeting privacy.

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