Restaurant equipment distributor serving the food service industry for over 50 years improves customer service, increases sales, and raises business efficiency with Accent’s Cloud Contact Center.

Restaurant Equippers, a Columbus, OH based restaurant equipment distributor, prides itself on providing the best in restaurant equipment pricing along with excellent customer service.  When the initiative to modernize the business’ phone system and customer support capabilities rose to the surface, it was critical that Restaurant Equippers find a communications service provider and partner to help them achieve those goals.

Listen to Peter Trautman, IT Systems Engineer with Restaurant Equippers, as he and Accent’s Steve Hearst discuss the benefits and experience of utilizing Accent, its Cloud Contact Center and Cloud Phone System services.  Peter and Steve discuss the service deployment and installation process, the tangible business and operational benefits of Accent’s cloud platform, and the experience of working with Accent’s support and professional services team.