Last updated: March 25, 2021

This Service Attachment is a part of your Agreement with Accent, which includes the terms and conditions agreed to by the Parties under which Accent will provide the Accent Meetings Service to Customer.


  1. Accent Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration service that includes screen sharing, chat, desktop and mobile applications.
  2. Accent Meetings includes:
    1. Accent Meetings video and audio conferencing service with up to 30 participants.
    2. Collaboration tools, including in-meeting chat, screen sharing, document collaboration, and other innovative tools.
  3. Accent Meetings may be accessed from a variety of user End Points, including desktop applications, web clients, and mobile applications.
  4. Accent Meetings utilizes the Accent Network and the public Internet to deliver video conferencing services to the Customer. Accent Meetings, the Accent Network, and any other services provided shall be operated and maintained at the sole discretion of Accent and within the physical location or locations of Accent’s choosing.  Accent shall not be obligated under any agreement to allow Customer access to Accent Meetings’ operations or the operations of the Accent Network via either physical or virtual means.
  5. Throughout the term of any agreement executed by Accent and Customer and upon any agreement cancellation, termination, or expiration, Accent shall retain sole ownership of all Accent Meetings infrastructure and the Accent Network including but not limited to all hardware and software related to Service delivery, Accent Meetings operations, and Accent Network operations.


  1. VIDEO QUALITY: Accent is committed to delivering a level of quality of the user experience which is consistent with common expectations of business-grade video conferencing service.  Customer acknowledges assessment of video quality is subjective and difficult to measure and depends on a variety of technical and environmental factors.  These factors include but are not limited to Internet Service Provider (ISP) reliability, ISP latency, ISP jitter, ISP network loss, Customer PC or device, and Customer local network performance including Customer owned/provided network equipment or devices.  Customer further acknowledges these factors and others related to delivering video service are outside of the scope of Accent’s control and Accent shall not be held responsible for video quality degradation which is a result of these stated items or other items outside of Accent’s control.  Video quality for all Accent services is subject to the criteria set forth in the Technical Sufficiency Criteria Exhibit within the Agreement.
  2. EXTERNAL CALLS: External calling is not available for Accent Meetings End Users. Where External Calls to Accent Meetings from the PSTN are available for Meetings End Users, such calling is available only for the purpose of participants joining existing conferences.
  3. NO 911:  911 Services are not available for Accent Meetings End Users.  Accent Meetings End Users must have an alternative means for placing emergency calls available at all times.


Accent Meetings is made available in several purchase plans which are described more fully at