Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your teams and co-workers in real-time and accelerate work forward like never before.

Message. Video. Share. Connect.

Whatever method your teams prefer to connect and collaborate, Accent can make it happen.

Team Collaboration Features

Team messaging and collaboration featuring voice, video, chat, channels, file sharing, and more.

Share Files, Docs, and More

Share documents, files, pictures, and more privately one-on-one or with the whole team.

Create Channels for Any Need

Channels can be created for small teams, projects, groups, topics, and more  Whatever you need channels can deliver.

Integrated Video Calling

Turn a chat or phone call into a video call with the click of a button.  Share your screen as well to enhance your calls.

Real-Time Presence

View team member presence in real-time to know when people are free, away from the desk, or unavailable.

Syncs Across all Devices

Chat on your desktop and switch to your mobile or tablet without missing a beat, all info syncs across your favorite devices.

Team Conferencing

Turn a channel conversation or group discusssion into a team conference call with one click. 

Bring Everything Together

Available on both desktop and mobile the Connect App goes anywhere you need and brings your business communications along.  Manage all your business calls, voicemail, chats, and more using the Connect App.  Whether you’re in the office, at a coffee shop, or catching a flight the Connect App keeps you connected to business.

"Our phones are all ported over and we are back up and running with no problems. Such a smooth transition here at the office."

The Choice is Yours

There are several ways to connect to Accent's service and the choice is all yours.  Utilize our unified communication apps, bring your own device, or choose from our variety of VoIP desk phones. Regardless, the VoiceONE cloud phone system allows you to customize your unique experience for all your business needs.

Use Our Desktop and Mobile Apps

Download the VoiceONE Connect desktop and mobile apps to use for your business communication needs and bring your own phones if you have them.

Utilize Accent's VoIP Desk Phones

Choose from a great selection of VoIP desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones.  A device designed for all your business communication needs.

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