Recently, Accent attended the Cloud Communications Summit in Washington D.C. During the event, Chris Cameron of Accent sat down with Doug Green of the Telecom Reseller podcast to discuss the Cloud Comms Summit and the cloud communications industry. 

“It’s a great place to network and collaborate,” says Chris Cameron, President and CEO of Accent, about this year’s Cloud Comms Summit in Washington DC which Cameron attended. In this podcast, Cameron outlines the metamorphosis of his company from a traditional integrator and dealer of legacy on-prem brands to service provider. Along the way, we learn, that while the company’s mandate to provide communications to small and medium sized businesses remains the same, the company’s switch to becoming a service provider has meant embracing new technologies and wider markets (geographically).

Cameron discusses how the Cloud Comms Summit delivers a mix of collaborative resources and tools even among companies that compete in the market. Cameron reports that they even offered a wide range of useful content from technology changes to capital and UC and CPaaS market economics. Cameron shares some of the ways his firm has offered distinctive services. “If there’s anybody that’s thinking about being a better provider and they’re wanting to learn more, or get more established in the industry, or spread their wings a bit, the Cloud Comms Summit is a great place to do that.

You can listen to the full interview at the link below: