Last month, the product and engineering team here at Accent rolled out an upgrade to our cloud-based voicemail transcription services for all VoiceONE Cloud Phone System and Cloud Contact Center users.  This upgrade included a transition of all cloud-based voicemail transcription services to Amazon Web Services and the powerful tools which AWS offers to developers and cloud providers.

As we analyzed our previous voicemail transcription services, we identified an opportunity to improve the transcription accuracy, expand delivery capabilities, and increase the future potential of our cloud transcription services.  Utilizing AWS and the powerful A.I. speech recognition engine behind Amazon Alexa, we embarked on a plan to deliver this next-gen voicemail transcription experience for our customers.  Accent’s developers and engineers then designed a unique transcription service utlizing the broad array of development tools available from the AWS service stack.

We are excited to report that as a result of partnering with AWS on this intiative the enhancements to our VoiceONE cloud services and our voicemail transcription services have seen a measurable improvement.  Our transcription accuracy rate has noticeably improved and we have added scalability and performance improvements to our cloud transcription services.  Overall, we are pleased with the results of this initiative to continually improve our cloud services and hope our customers are as well.

As we grow and evolve our cloud services, AWS and other highly scalable cloud computing services may play a larger role within Accent’s cloud infrastructure.  This inclusion of these providers will ultimately result in improved performance, enhanced capabilities, and increased value for Accent’s customers.  Stay tuned to our News & Blog section for more information on future initiatives and products from Accent.